Alex Mezera

Software Engineering

The author climbing an oak tree
Yep, that's me to the right: the small figure in the middle of the image, sitting on the branch, climbing trees for a living. So how did I get from there to computing? That's less complicated than it might seem. I started playing with Linux in high school, and loved the freedom that open source software gave to learn and modify programs. I took that curiosity with me into the professional world; however, I found myself learning about organic trees, rather than AVL trees. Then, I injured my shoulder. Oops! So, I returned to computers.
I've spent the last year completing UW-Madison's Computer Sciences for Professionals capstone. It's a unique program that I found immensely valuable: consisting of several undergrad-level CS courses, the program gives a great understanding of not only programming, but both lower-level machine programming knowledge and opportunities to learn and implement higher-level software engineering concepts.
If you found this site from an application, thanks for reading! Hopefully this gave you some more background on who I am and what I can bring to your team. If you found me through word of mouth, that's awesome! Either way, I'd love to hear from you via LinkedIn.
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